The Legend of Leigh Bowery

Short Bio:


Studied Fashion & Textile design at the KASK Royal School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium. A few years into the course I discovered that creating characters and stories in a setting was more of my interest than actually creating the clothes. Dropping out of school I continued the creation of my own cartoon world of illustrations that eventually led me to the field of fine arts. Since a young age I was influenced by fashion, art, nightlife and pop culture. People like Leigh Bowery, Boy George, Klaus Nomi, Judy Blame have made an impact on my work greatly... till today. After working under the moniker of Piepke for about 20 years I decided to eliminate the persona and work in the form of the label/ title Kiss My Tribe.


Next to exhibiting my personal artwork in galleries I worked freelance for various projects and have been an assistant curator at the Center for Young Arts in Ghent, Belgium.


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A brief overview of the concept behind the show:


For a group exhibition I present a series of 10 paintings depicting graphic characters inspired by the performance artist Leigh Bowery.


For a solo exhibition I present the same series of paintings as for the group exhibition, but mixed up with two extra concepts.

Next too the concept around Leigh Bowery I like to show a character I designed quite early in my career as an illustrator (mid 90's). A white space bear drawn in very clean lines and simple shapes. For this proposal I am turning the space bears into emoji's -esque images. The shapes lazer cut in Plexi. And also used in collages as you can read about below. The Space Bears are flexible to make compositions in combo with the other artworks and thus create a playful display.

A short introduction to Leigh Bowery:


Bowery was known for his flamboyant and outlandish costumes and makeup as well as his (sometimes controversial) performances.From mid 80's till the mid 90's he opened the infamous and outrageous nightclub Taboo, created costumes for the Michael Clark dance company, was a model and muse for the painter Lucian Freud (grandson of Sigmund Freud) and created costumes for artists like Boy George...He also recorded music and performed with his band Minty.

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Carboard Remix

The paintings reinvented, remixed. Photographed, printed and cut & paste with text and other imagery to create a new art piece. A street art approach that with it's roughness contrasts with the more intricate technique of the slick paintings. The cardboard collages shown above are made with images of my black & white Kiss My Tribe series of 2017. For this new Leigh Bowery project the paintings above will be used to create the new cardboard compositions. The cardboard remix idea also relates to the time of Leigh Bowery and the Blitz Kids era of DIY. Therefore ties not only my work and different charaters together but also connects with the tribute to Leigh Bowery and the Blitz Kids.



Space Bear

To further explain and introduce the character of Leigh Bowery I propose to design and print a folder, that will also be an introduction of my work and myself to the scene of Chiang Mai.


Through my work I like to keep reintroducing the creativity and the madness of Leigh Bowery to a new generation, a new public. To be part in keeping his legacy alive. Therefore I present this project to you and to Seescape Gallery. To introduce his brilliance to the people of Chiang Mai.

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Kiss My Tribe 


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